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GoDaddy Privacy Protection: Is it worth it?

Do you know your information is being exposed to the public’s eyes? If your domain name does not use private protection. Scammers probably are using your details to send SPAM emails. You might ask, is there any other way to hide my registration information? The answer is yes if you

How to install AMP in WordPress and Display it in Google Mobile Search

What if I told you that load the content of web page instantly on mobile? Or, Have you ever wished that you could open a page of interest without load time? It sounds crazy, right? Today, Google is working with eight tech companies and nearly 30 news organizations

GoDaddy Discount Domain Club: Is It Worth It?

If your domain names are in GoDaddy, you should know GoDaddy discount domain club. If you do not know, here we can simply explain what is discount domain club.  In addition, we will cover is it worth it? What’s GoDaddy Discount Domain Club? Simply put, Discount domain

88 cents domain name with free WhoisGuard at NameCheap

Happy New Year! We hope everyone had a great holiday season. However, it’s already 2017. In the new year, you may have a lot of good planning. You should perhaps record this step-by-step process and try to turn them into reality. Setting up a blog will be the first step