DigitalOcean announced that they deploy a new data center in London to support its expansion into the Europe market. This new data center deployment will allow the company to provide its existing customers with greater access to the Europe while the growing developer in the region. Digitalocean have now been able to expand to five regions globally. So far, digitalocean has five data centers in San Francisco, New York City, Singapore, Amsterdam and London.
digitalocean london


DigitalOceanraised $37.2 million from Andreessen Horowitz just a few months ago. Part of that money will now be used to expand to more data centers globally, including London. DigitalOcean announced the growth cloud services is very fast in recent years in the UK. Digitalocean can help small companies get cheaper and better service. Thus, digitalocean is expanding very fast. The next step should be to consider the African and South American markets.

Spin up a Droplet in London with Digitalocean coupons now. See digitalocean review click here.DO is also hoping to access new customers in what it describes as a thriving region. IPv6 addresses are now available for all virtual servers. All new DigitalOcean data centers support IPv6.
We hope the service of DO getting better, customers get more and more discount.