DigitalOcean open new data center at Germany in European region. It is definitely a good thing for developers the European region, particularly in the German region. Now this new data center located in Frankfurt, Germany.(FRA1)

FRA1 use fastest-ever SSDs, 40GbE networking on each hypervisor and the full range of DigitalOcean features including Metadata, CoreOS, and IPv6.

You can deploy a server to on Frankfurt region now via DigitalOcean promo code for new customer.

Germany’s data center is the focus of the European data center market. The other major European markets data center (such as London, Paris and Amsterdam) is also located in Western Europe.

Last October, Amazon’s Web Services announced its new AWS Europe (Frankfurt) area, which is the world’s 11 AWS infrastructure area, following Europe (Ireland). All customers can build and run business applications through AWS infrastructure in Germany. Like all other AWS regions, customers will clearly understand that their data will remain in the area of their choice. The new AWS Europe (Frankfurt) region due to the rapid growth of AWS, any business, organization or software developers are available to register and start using the service.

We also hope that DigitalOcean can provide better service, making DO globalization and faster.