Happy New Year!

We hope everyone had a great holiday season. However, it’s already 2017. In the new year, you may have a lot of good planning. You should perhaps record this step-by-step process and try to turn them into reality.

Setting up a blog will be the first step in getting you to implement your plans. Yes, you just need a domain name to build your personal blog as a start.

You can register a 99 cents domain at GoDaddy. Of course, we have brought only 88 cents domain name from Namecheap today.

88 cents domain

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You can register as many as you like and these domains come with free WhoisGuard for the first year!

Before you register your domain name at Namecheap with this offer, you should clearly understand the following statement:

  • plus $0.18 for each domain registration
  • free WhoisGuard subscription for one year with new domain registration or transfer
  • $0.88 applies to new first-year registrations only
  • $0.88/year is valid for a limited time

Finally, I hope you have had a wonderful holiday. And, Happy New Year!