Godaddy Auctions® is domain marketplace connects buyers and sellers to buy and sell domain names. In this article, we will show you how to use GoDaddy Domain buy and sell a domain name, and provide some GoDaddy auctions coupon code for your save when win a domain.

Godaddy Auctions® is not a free trading platform(others such as Sedo, Afternic). You must be a GoDaddy Auctions® member before bid domain.  The membership charge a $4.99/year. Of course, you can also get free membership by join GoDaddy discount domain club.

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GoDaddy Auctions is mainly used to buy and sell domain names.  It has some advanced search features inside. We will detail settings of these functions.

Selling list

Selling list is used to sell your own domain name options. You can list the domain names what you want to sell, and watching the status of these domains (selling, sold, or don’t sold).

There are four listing types you can select:

  1. Offer/Counter Offer
  2. Offer/Counter Offer with by Now
  3. Buy Now Only
  4. 7-Day Public Auction

You can change listing to premium listing if you thank the domain is valuable. Premium Listings boost exposure for your domains by including them in the domain search results at, making them potentially visible on over 1 million searches a day.

When you add your domain name to premium listing, GoDaddy will approve your request. While the domain process in two to three days, GoDaddy can deny your domain in premium listing at any time. If you want to list your domain featured home page, add this $19.98/listing. Set a reserve price on the Auction listing (7 Day Public Auctions only)  is $4.99/listing.

When your domain is sold at GoDaddy, the commission are dependant on the price the domain sold for, as shown in the following table:

Domain PriceCommission
$0 - $5,00020% ( $15 minimum)
$5,001 - $25,000$1,000 + 15% of amount over $5,000
$25,000 +$4,000 + 10% of amount over $25,000

Bidding list

If you want to register a valuable domain name, but it has been registered. You can get this domain name through GoDaddy Auctions. There are many types of auctions. We will list them one by one in detail.

1)  Expiring Auctions

A domain is added to GoDaddy’s expired domain auctions when it expired on day 26. Anyone can bid this domain, the auction process runs for 10 days. In this 10 days, the highest bidder gets this domain.

2) Closeout Domains

If no bidders bid this domain domain at day 36, it moves into a five-day closeout auction. Closeout is last chance to get expired domain names priced at $5-$11 plus one year renewal fee.

3) Public Auctions

This is a typical domain auction. When time runs out the highest bidder wins the domain.

4) Public Buy Now

If you accept the buy now price, you get the domain. It does not require the auction.

5) Offer/Counter-Offer

When you accept a buyer’s offer or counter offer, OK. Or, if you provide a counter offer to buyer, end when the buyer accepts your offer.


You can set your search results and SMS settings in ‘Settings’ options. When your domain name auction status changes, you can receive information through your phone. This will help you save a lot of time and not worry about losing the opportunity to auction.


Advanced Search

Advanced search can help you filter the domains that do not meet the conditions. If you are only interested in closeout domains, select it in the type.

There are ten search options to narrow down your results.

  • Keywords
  • Price
  • Type
  • Extensions
  • Characters
  • Attributes
  • Domain Age
  • Bid Number
  • Traffic
  • End Time

auctions search

For example, you can set your domain price between $10 to $100. Then set the minimum price $10, and maximum price $100. This option can narrow your domains down with price.

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