If your domain names are in GoDaddy, you should know GoDaddy discount domain club. If you do not know, here we can simply explain what is discount domain club.  In addition, we will cover is it worth it?

What’s GoDaddy Discount Domain Club?

Simply put, Discount domain club is domain investor tool by GoDaddy. With Discount Domain Club, you’ll get the lowest prices on domain registrations, renewals and transferring domains.

Well, let’s look at what are its core features?

Lowest Price
When you register your domain at GoDaddy, you probably be able to get a discounted domain name regardless of with a coupon code or other promotional offers. However, when you renew it, you will not get any concessions. You certainly think that any domain name registrar is like this.

However, you can get the lowest price with GoDaddy discount domain club, whether register, renewals or transfer your domain name.

CashParking Premium
CashParking refer to monetise domains through GoDaddy that create advertising pages displayed to search or direct type in traffic.  If you join CashParking, you can earn 80% of the advertising revenue on your parked domains.

In fact, you can get free CashParking Premium account when you join the discount domain club. Yes, absolutely free.

GoDaddy Auctions
GoDaddy Auctions allow users to search, buy and sell multiple presently registered domain names that are listed for sale by owners. Whether you want to bid or sell a domain in the market, GoDaddy Auctions is ready with the simple ways to buy and sell domains.

Of course, you must have a membership of GoDaddy Auctions before you can bid domain names. Fortunately, it’s also free when you join discount domain club.

Furthermore, there are other features if you want to understand in-depth. Go to the official website to get the more details.

At an annual membership price of $119.88, is it worth it?

12 months
Lowest prices registrations
Lowest prices renewals
Free CashParking Premium
Free GoDaddy Auctions
Domain Buy Service Discount
24 months
Lowest prices registrations
Lowest prices renewals
Free CashParking Premium
Free GoDaddy Auctions
Domain Buy Service Discount
36 months
Lowest prices registrations
Lowest prices renewals
Free CashParking Premium
Free GoDaddy Auctions
Domain Buy Service Discount

Discount Domain Club: Is It Worth It?

Before talking about this issue, we must analyze Godaddy’s registration price and the renewal price in the first place.

We only show GoDaddy domain price list and GoDaddy domain renewal list of .com, .net, .org and .co.

DomainRegular Pricing[1]Renewal PricingDDC Pricing

Here we take .com for example. This is because the .com domain is the world’s largest domain extension. The .com domain is $14.99 per year when you register it at GoDaddy(without any discount). Then the renewal price is also $14.99 per year.

However, the renewal price is $8.29/year when you are a member of discount domain club. The price gap is up to $6.7.  Given that discount domain club is $119.88/year, in other words, if we have 119.88/6.7 = 17.8 domains at GoDaddy. Well, it is worth it.

As has been noted, if you have more than 18 .com domains at GoDaddy. The membership of GoDaddy discount domain club is worth it.

In addition, there is a 35% coupon code for the new customer. In other words, if you are the new to join it, then only $77.9 the first year. Plus free CashParking and Auctions.

Is it worth it?


GoDaddy discount domain club coupon

35% off GoDaddy discount domain club membership

Details:Get 35% off for new customers join discount domain club today! Save up to 63% on domains. Plus FREE CashParking Premium and FREE GoDaddy Auctions Membership.
Godaddy.com Coupon

35% off GoDaddy discount domain club membership

Go shop on at Godaddy.com

Fortunately, save 35% off when you enter it in the right of the checkout page.

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Is it Right For You?

I have 35 different domain names in GoDaddy. At the same time, I am a member of discount domain club. It helps me save a lot of money on domain renewals every year.

GoDaddy discount domain club does not require additional setup. The price is the lowest price whether domain registrations, transfers, renewals without any coupon code. It’s important to note that the lowest renewal price(relative to name.com, Namechap etc.) is clearly the key to most people to join it.

As can be seen, for me, it is really worth it.

How about you?


The era in which there is not GoDaddy renewal coupon. Nowadays, discount domain club is good option. However, is it right for you? That is to say, is it worth it?

You’ve already read our opinion, now it’s your turn. Are you a member of GoDaddy discount domain club? What are your thoughts about it? Share your picks with us in the comments section below!