Is there anything you probably do not know about GoDaddy of the web hosting company and domain registrar?


With that in mind, here’s a list of 10 important things you should know about GoDaddy.

1. ManageWP has joined the GoDaddy.

ManageWP is a WordPress dashboard, for the purpose of managing multiple WordPress sites from a single dashboard. Basically, ManageWP offers services such as website cloud backups, security check,  automated migration, performance benchmark, uptime monitor, and track your SEO ranking for a bunch of WordPress websites.

ManageWP has the free and premium version for webmasters to save their work times. On the other hand, Premium ManageWP provides such as cloud backup, uptime monitor, SEO ranking and other add-ons.

After completed the acquisition, ManageWP has been integrated into the GoDaddy WordPress hosting. Fortunately, if the websites are hosting on GoDaddy, then three add-ons cloud backups, cloning and migration, and uptime monitoring will be free all along.


Quite frankly, ManageWP helps small business domain host GoDaddy redefine its standing as a technology provider for developers. After all, their cooperation prompted the WordPress community to flourish.

GoDaddy and ManageWP will continue to offer the ManageWP product for free. We also plan to bundle many of its premium features and make them free for our 100,000+ GoDaddy Pro members.Jeff King - VP of GoDaddy

2. WP Curve has joined GoDaddy.

However, after this acquisition, GoDaddy bought WordPress services startup WP Curve to strengthen WordPress support.

WP Curve aims to provide solutions for various problems of WordPress. They claimed they have solved 105,000+ WordPress problems and helped thousands of entrepreneurs with their WordPress sites since 2013.

3. GoDaddy Renewal Coupon?

We can see a lot of results if you google ‘GoDaddy renewal coupon’, and they claim that they provide the latest available domain name renewal code.

However, what is the truth?

ALL the GoDaddy renewal coupons list on the page are invalid. We all know that there were a lot of domain name renewal code exists, and even web hosting renewal codes until the new service GoDaddy discount domain club came out.

Godaddy is a domain management service tool, in my opinion, mainly to save domain name registration and renewal fees for customers with many domain names.

As a result, of course, all the renewal coupons have disappeared.

4.GoDaddy Discount Domain Club Renewal

That being the case, you can become a member of discount domain club by paying the yearly subscription. It’s important to note that you can save 35% off if you are a new customer to join it.

However, this service will automatically renew with list price until canceled. The tip is register and renewal all your domain names during this period. After it expires, you will also get a 35% discount as a new customer to join the member.

5. WordPress Hosting

GoDaddy is the largest Managed WordPress provider. It continues investment in WordPress according to the acquisition of ManageWP and WP Curve to support for the web designers and developers who use WordPress.

As you can you see can save up to 35% off for the basic plan on GoDaddy WordPress hosting sales page. Of course, choosing WordPress hosting plan from four plans according to your needs.

However, for the user who selects the basic plan, here is exactly how to get a huge discount with a free domain.


Annual discounts available on NEW purchases. Products will automatically renew until cancelled. One FREE .COM, .CO, .NET or .ORG with purchase of a new 12-month plan.

Copy CJCWPH1 coupon code when you check out.


6. GoCentral

GoDaddy has launched GoCentral – a new all-in-one website builder platform what it calls a “paradigm shift” away from traditional DIY website builder.

GoDaddy promises to simplify the process of creating a fully responsive website, which can be done in less than an hour. According to GoDaddy, GoCentral offers more than 1,500 niche templates nearly every industry and interest, and will provide relevant images and templates when you type in your niche name.

Furthermore, GoCentral will connect customers by automatically updating your Facebook page, optimizing your site for Google, improving your search engine rankings and much more.

7.Microsoft® Office 365 with GoDaddy

GoDaddy offers its small-business customers a choice of three Office 365 plans that will be connected to their domain names. With Online Essentials, and Business Premium you can also create a domain-based email address and share calendars and contacts of your company.


In addition, you can save up to 35% off for any plan with the coupon we provide. All of these plans include live customer service.

This code is available on NEW purchases. Products will automatically renew until cancelled.

Copy CJCRMN35 coupon code when you check out.


8. Free Premium WordPress Theme from GoDaddy


GoDaddy has thousands of premium WordPress themes for all your website needs by their developers. Most of the themes are powerful themes that bring clarity to your content in a fresh design. It’s certainly to find a free WordPress theme that has everything you need.

9. GoDaddy and Super Bowl Commercial

GoDaddy is actually known for its advertising.

The 2016 Super Bowl was the first time since 2005 the domain name registrar decided not to advertise in the big game. But this year, it is back, this year marks the 18th Super Bowl commercial GoDaddy has aired.

Titled “Good Morning,” is part of the company’s larger campaign the “Internet Wants You,” which looks at how people use the internet to make ideas reality. Aims to promote its new GoCentral service, which is new website builder fully responsive to help developers for their products or services.

10. 99 Cents .COM Domain

99 cents domain

Finally, it’s a 99 cents domain name from GoDaddy for who registers the first domain name. If you have some passionate ideas, or want to build your own business, or record something you like. Start with a domain is the first step to success.

If that is the case, then, congratulations.

GoDaddy provides only one domain for $0.99, but feel free to add others at a regular price. This code is available on NEW purchases.

Copy CJC99COM coupon code when you check out.


Hopefully it is helpful of the top 10 list things you probably don’t know about GoDaddy.

Are there those are not mentioned that I may do not know? However, what is your favorite GoDaddy product? What are you guys currently using? Let me know below in the comments!