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You don’t have to lift a finger to make money from your unused domains. With CashParking Premium ($129 value), Godaddy will put ads on your parked domains and give you 80% of the revenue they generate.
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What is CashParking?

CashParking is get money your domains with pay-per-click ads and search engine-friendly articles. We usually call it “Domain Parking“. CashParking can quickly lets you earn money from your domains. If someone clicks on advertising that generates revenue on your parking domain. CashParking offers the most competitive revenue at GoDaddy.

How CashParking works at Godaddy?

Step 1. Choose CashParking plan that fits your budget.
Step 2. Add your domains to your CashParking using bulk add tool. You can have an unlimited number of domains in your CashParking account.
Step 3. Change your existing name servers on your domains to the GoDaddy parkweb servers for CashParking.
Step 4.¬†Godaddy will present ads on your domain’s parked page and generate revenue.
Step 5. GET PAID according to the revenue. Domestic customers will receive payment monthly, International customers will receive payment quarterly.

godaddy cash parking

Godaddy CashParking Plan

You can pick the CashParking plan that’s right for you, add your domains to the CashParking account and get money from parked domain revenue.

Basic Plan
Just $3.99/mo
Earn 60% of the advertising revenue on your parked domains
Premium Plan
Just $9.59/mo
Earn 80% of the advertising revenue on your parked domains
FREE GoDaddy Auctions membership ($4.99 value)

Why Choose Godaddy CashParking?

  • It’s easy to get started

There are just five simple steps to getting set up with Godaddy CashParking.

  • Great payouts

Godaddy offer 80% of the advertising revenue. That means more cash in your pocket.

  • Easy for you

Once you’re signed up, you’ll easy to set your domains OK.

  • Clear REPORT

Daily reports for individual domain names are standard. You can see searches made, money earned, clicks received and more.

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