Google is testing Google Domains for domain name registration services. Because the service is currently still under development, so only Beta version, users will need an invitation code to trial.


Google Domain

Google research report shows that there are still 55% of small businesses do not have an official website, the domain name is one of the basic elements of a site, so Google hopes to launch the domain name registration services to help these companies on the internet. Since Google Domains does not provide hosting service, with Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, and Shopify suppliers reached a partnership.

After the official release of Google Domains service, users can buy and sell domain names through its. Unlike other domain name registration service provider, Google will not charge an additional fee to the user. Meanwhile, each domain can be created 100 email addresses and 100 sub-domain. In addition, Google Domains using Google’s own DNS server, so the response speed of site will also be quite fast.

Google domain features:

  1. No additional cost for private registration
  2. Branded emails
  3. Easy domain forwarding
  4. Customizable sub-domains
  5. Fast, secure and reliable Internet infrastructure with Google
  6. Simple domain management tools
  7. Easy integration with top website builders
  8. New domain endings
  9. Support