Google paid for top-level domain .app for a price of $ 25 million, the price is the highest price for a top-level domain purchase to date.
From the beginning of 2012, Google join in the top-level domain acquisition. In this auction, Google beat the other 12 applicants, as $ 25.01 million won .app top-level domain.In the past, Google applied for dozens at the time, including .docs, .android, .free, .fyi, .foo, and, of course. At the beginning of June 2014, Google domains start beta for sale domain names.

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Last year the company DotTech LLC at a price of $ 6.7 million won the .tech domain, and there were reports that Google is one of the competitors. Fall 2014, Amazon with $5 million and $2.2 million bought .buy, .spot two domain names. And this year, Google looks .app top-level domain, setting a maximum price to purchase top-level domain record.


Although Google did not disclose plans for the .app, but the company is likely to take advantage of this domain in innovative ways to promote the mobile applications.
Earlier there was news that Google is helping to promote the application developer.