What if I told you that load the content of web page instantly on mobile? Or, Have you ever wished that you could open a page of interest without load time?

It sounds crazy, right?

Today, Google is working with eight tech companies and nearly 30 news organizations to launch an open-source project called Accelerated Mobile Pages(AMP), which will allow users to browse the Web faster.

It brings the result is that you can really open a web page instantly, the first use of the people incredibly hard to believe that this is a Web page.

What is AMP?

The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project is an open source initiative that embodies the vision that publishers can create mobile optimized content once and have it load instantly everywhere.

We know that when we open a web page, the page needs a load time. But now think about it, if the page can be instantaneously opened without load time.

If you want to see the amazing effects of AMP, see the following illustration.


How to install AMP in WordPress

Let’s get started.


However,  how to use this advanced technology on WordPress.

Installing and configuring the AMP is a very simple process. You only need to search and install the AMP WordPress plugin by Automattic, then activate it.

Once you have activated the plugin, everything is set up. There are no additional settings required. Then, your site will have the AMP version.

You can append /amp/ to the end your post URLs. For example, if your post URL is http://example.com/post-title/, you can access the AMP version at http://example.com/post-title/amp/.

Note #1: WordPress’s pages and archives are not currently supported.

Note #2: This plugin only creates AMP content but does not automatically display it to your users when they visit from a mobile device.

Let’s analyze the load speed of these two versions.

We use Pingdom test the load speed and compare the speed.

Below is the speed test of our regular vision of a web page.


Then there is a speed test of AMP web page.


It is clear that the AMP version of the page size is clearly much smaller. Therefore, the loading speed more quickly.

From the comparison of the two graphs, we can see that there are different three factors.

  • Page size: Page size from 599.7kB significantly reduce to 167.1kB.
  • Requests: The HTTPs(HTTP) requests reduce from 66 to 8.
  • Load time: The load time from 747ms to 404ms.

The plugin ships with a default template that looks nice and clean.

However, the disadvantage of this plugin is that you can not customize the site configuration. If you want to customize the color of the site similar to the style, you can click here if you’d prefer to do it via code.

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For instance, if you want to show your brand logo, use the amp_post_template_css action. The following colors the title bar black, hides the site title, and replaces it with a centered logo:

Of course, if you do not want to via code to modify your site configuration. You can download another plugin – AMP for WP – Accelerated Mobile Pages.AMP for WP - Accelerated Mobile Pages

This is an AMP extension. With this extension, it is evident you can achieve much more with little effort. This extension can achieve a lot of functions that official AMP plugin do not include.


  • General 
    • Logo – Upload a logo for the AMP version.
    • Mobile Redirection – Enable AMP for your mobile users. Give your visitors a Faster mobile User Experience.
    • Analytics Type – Google/Segment/Piwik.
    • Analytics ID
    • Front Page – Custom AMP front page
    • Link to Non-AMP page in Footer
    • RTL Support
    • AMP on Pages
    • Non-AMP HomePage link in Header and Logo
  • Design

There are two design styles to choose from, or you can customize it.

  • SEO

This section only works if Yoast SEO Plugin is Activated. You can simply add social and open graph meta tags and add a custom description to ld+json for AMP page.

  • Advertisement

You can now easily insert ads into your AMP content.

  • Single

Additional options to control the look of a single post.

  • Social

Add social share button for your AMP page.

  • Structured Data

Add notifications to your AMP pages. For instance, you can show notifications on all of your AMP pages for cookie purposes, or anything else.

This is really a great extension. There are some other features you can try. Although there are cost extensions, you can choose according to your own needs.


Accelerated Mobile Pages is indeed a great technological change. It guides the development of future web pages.

With the development of the network, the mobile application is developing more rapidly too. Thanks to the application of the response speed are faster. As a result, the gap between application response time and the speed of mobile network becomes more significant over time.

That’s why Facebook has developed Instant Media, and why Apple has developed news apps, and why Google is developing Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). They are trying to improve the user experience of browsing the web, making the user feel as if they were using a local application.

Have you implemented AMP on your website, and what do you think about AMP? Can you share your AMP extensions for us? Let us know in the comments section below!