Christopher Aker founded Linode in 2003. The company continues to offer developers and business owners the highest-performance cloud servers available at an affordable price. Linode offers multiple products and services for its clients. Now all the hard drives of Linode are upgraded to SSD. Compared to Vultr and Digitalocean, Linode has a better reputation, although the price of the other two are more cheaper. With this linode promo codes, you can get up 15% off when you purchase all the services at

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Linode Pricing

Linode 1GB
1 CPU Core
24 GB SSD Storage
2 TB Transfer
40 Gbit Network In
125 Mbit Network Out
Linode 2GB
2 CPU Cores
48 GB SSD Storage
3 TB Transfer
40 Gbit Network In
250 Mbit Network Ou
Linode 4GB
4 CPU Cores
96 GB SSD Storage
4 TB Transfer
40 Gbit Network In
500 Mbit Network Out
Linode 8GB
6 CPU Cores
192 GB SSD Storage
8 TB Transfer
40 Gbit Network In
1000 Mbit Network Out

Linode Features

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Easy Control Panel
The Linode Manager gets your jobs done. Straightforward interface allows you to deploy, boot, resize and clone in just a few clicks. Using cPanel’s website traffic stats, you can track useful statistics with easy-to-read analysis of the visitors coming to your website.
Six Datacenters
Linode have 6 datacenters in 3 Regions. Tokyo in Asia Pacific,
US West, US Central,US South,US East in North America and London in Europe. A closer facility will generally provide less latency and faster throughput.

Linode datacenters Test
Tokyo Tokyo Test London London Test US East US East Test US South US South Test US Central US Central Test US West US West Test

Open API
The Linode API is a programmatic interface for automating tasks or even developing custom your applications. The API follows the existing Users and Permissions system, so a user can only perform the operations and actions on instances they have access to. You can create users, restrict permissions, and use their API keys as necessary.
IPv6 Support
Native IPv6 support is available at all datacenter locations. Each Linode starts off with one global IPv6 address and additional IPv6 addresses can be added at no charge.
One click is all it takes to enroll your Linode in the backup service and to start protecting your data. Three backup slots are executed and rotated automatically: a daily backup, a 2-7 day old backup, and an 8-14 day old backup. A fourth backup slot is available for on-demand backups.

Learn more about connecting to your Linode for the first time with OS X


  • Which payment are Linode accept?

Linode accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

  • How to make a payment for Linode?
    • Log in to the Linode Manager, and click Account.
    • Then choose Make a Payment tab.
    • Enter the CVV number in your credit card the CVV field.
    • Click Charge Credit Card.
  • How  Linode billing works?

Your billing will charged at the hourly rate for that service.