This article is a detailed review about Vultr SSD VPS. We will review to find out Vultr’s pros and cons for who want to buy SSD cloud hosting. is a new product of Choopa to compete directly with DigitalOcean. Since its inception, vultr’s developing is very fast. On July 17th deployed it’s 30,000th instance.

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We provide some vultr promo code for new customer to get 2 free months. We can test vultr for free in this a couple months. You can also get various free credit to your account. From time to time, will occasionally offer various free credit offers to randomly selected accounts.

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vultr review

Vultr review : features

SSD Storage
Vultr use SSD storage with low latency worldwide network to deploy virtual machines with similar or greater performance than legacy bare-metal at significantly lower cost!
Intel Cores
All the Cores use Intel CPUs at 3GHz+ . You can count on consistent CPU performance at all times in 12 datacenters.
Data Centers
Vultr offers the largest worldwide network, enabling you to spin up and easily scale a low latency infrastructure solution no matter where you and your customers are coming from!
Snapshots can provide an easy way to scale out a system: you can take a snapshot of a current server and spin up a new droplet from the snapshot. As soon as the process completes, you will have two identical servers to bolster your setup.

Vultr review : Pricing

Vultr has a bargain price for its plan. For $5 a month plan, you can get a cloud hosting with 1 CPU, 768MB memory, 15GB SSD Disk and 1000GB bandwidth. The overage bandwidth is priced just $0.02/GB in North America, and $0.02/GB, $0.15/GB in Tokyo and $0.25/GB for Australia. Other monthly plans are available as well. We list some plans pricing below for your demand.

Plan 1
768MB Memory
15GB Storage
1000GB Transfer
Plan 2
1024MB Memory
20GB Storage
2000GB Transfer
Plan 3
2048MB Memory
40GB Storage
3000GB Transfer
Plan 4
4096MB Memory
65GB Storage
4000GB Transfer
Plan 5
8192MB Memory
120GB Storage
5000GB Transfer

Vultr review:  Deploy

When you deploy a new vultr cloud hosting. You must know what you wanna? You can choose performance or large storage server type. The most popular Windows and Linux distros are provided in the control panel for deploy. There are 32bit and 64bit OS (CentOS 6, CentOS 5, CentOS 7, Ubuntu 14.04, Ubuntu 12.04, Debian, FreeBSD and Windows 2012 R2). You can even customize your operating system. And You can enable private network. Now Snapshot is BETA, so it’s free!

  • Snapshots are free during this period – until further notice!
  • We recommend changing each machine to use DHCP for networking
  • Snapshots can only be restored to equal or bigger disks. If there is a single partition, it will be automatically expanded.

Vultr review: performance

This is an important test for VPS. We tested vultr’s performance on $5/month plan. UnixBench is part of core benchmarking methodology tool. It provides a performance overview at a system level by testing a number of various factors. This table show UnixBench test:

CPU info Using cat /proc/cpuinfo to test:

cat /proc/meminfo

How to choose a SSD VPS?

In this post we compare the pricing and plans of digitalocean, vultr and linode. Three of them are very good SSD VPS with low price. Vultr and digitalocean’s price is equivalent but cheaper than the linode. But from technically, vultr may be better. On payment, Vultr and Digitalocean can also pay via Paypal. We update Digitalocean promo codes if you want to know about more.


Vultr have a low price but high perfomance with SSD. And powerful control panel with free snapshot. We use a three-month period, its stability, performance, and a very fast speed are very commendable. If you are a technology developer, vultr is definitely a great VPS.