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Why do I need a CDN?

The reason of using a CDN is to improve user’s experience in terms of speed, and as we know – web pages that load faster receive a ranking score bonus that can move them up in the organic search results.

WPEngine provides a simple and easy to use interface for users to backup their website and database.

With WP Engine, it only takes seconds to create a snapshot backup of your WP Engine WordPress site. You can restore to that snapshot to undo the changes with just a single click. WP Engine also takes daily automatic snapshots that contain your media library and large files like videos, and always take snapshots before making a major update to sites. And when you want to roll back to a previous version of your site, we also offer one-click restore. These automatic daily backups that are stored in separate locations from your site and are replicated three times in the cloud for a redundant backup system that contains everything you need in the event that your data is destroyed.